Leadership Coaching

 Aspiring Leaders Programme
Great for existing or aspiring leaders, builds their understanding of areas of strength and/or development, recognises their personal talents and motivations, and considers how these match with their aspirations. This programme increases self awareness and targets development activity to the right places.

High Performance Coaching
Who are your next Leaders?  Are they ready? Who are your current Leaders?  Are they really performing at the right level? And … Who is ready to take your role? At this level everyone has specific development needs, and training  courses are often too generic to provide the support required for the  individual.

This programme tailors the programme to the individual to ensure  are performing at their absolute best and build the skills needed/overcome ‘roadblocks’ impacting performance

Executive Coaching
The demands on top Executives are high! Who can you explore your challenges with? Executive Coaching supports you by providing a confidential and challenging ‘ear’ and by encouraging you to explore your ideas/challenges from different perspectives.  Executive Coaching requires you to move away from the operational elements of your role and explore the strategic viewpoint and look to the future.