Executive Coaching

The demands on top Executives are high!

Who can you explore your challenges with, safely and in confidence?
Executive Coaching supports you by providing a confidential and challenging ‘ear’, encouraging you to explore your ideas / challenges from different perspectives.

Executive Coaching requires you to move away from the operational elements of your role, explore the strategic viewpoint and look to the future.

Programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual:

  • An informal meeting to check for rapport, to learn more about each other and to see if it will be a good combination for coaching.
  • Development of a Coaching Contract
  • Coaching Sessions – initial programme of 6 sessions
  • Ad-hoc support as required between Coaching Sessions
  • Review of Coaching impact

Executive Coaching – Recommendation

‘Jayne challenged me to think about the options and opportunities available to me and to assess them against my short term and long term goals. Jayne balanced well the direct and indirect coaching techniques, getting me to think beyond normal boundaries whilst still remaining focussed. It helped me to shape my thinking and link opportunities and decisions to longer term objectives. I would highly recommend Jayne’s services and will use her again in the future’. John, Senior Leader, Insurance.

Executive Coaching – Case Study

‘Time to Think’

Sarah had been feeling that her team had a stronger reliance on her than she would wish, often checking with her before progressing actions that she felt had been agreed and only rarely presenting ideas, solutions or innovations of their own. During coaching Sarah explored examples of this, and considered how her own approach could be impacting on the situation. She recognised that she spent her time reacting to situations, always feeling that she was required to provide the answers, because of her position. There was also a concern over the hours being worked and a feeling of always being stressed and not having time to think. The coaching provided reflective time that Sarah valued, helping her to develop different approaches to her team, leading to them gaining confidence and taking more ownership and accountability in their roles.