High Performance

Coaching for High Performance

Are your current Leaders performing at their best?
Who are your next Leaders?  Are they ready?

At this level your leaders will have specific development needs.  Training programmes are often too generic to provide the support required to meet an individual’s needs and it can be difficult to translate the learning on a training programme into action at work.

Individually tailored coaching programmes are an effective way to bridge a skills or experience gap, or to overcome ‘roadblocks’ impacting performance.

High Performance Coaching is goal driven, results oriented coaching that builds self awareness in the individual and challenges them to reach high levels of performance.

Programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual, typically including:

  • Establishing the purpose and goals of the coaching
  • Chemistry Check – do the Coach & Client ‘connect’?
  • Goals of the coaching agreed between the Client, Coach and Sponsor
  • An agreed number of Coaching Sessions (usually 6 – 8)
  • Mid Point Review (after 3 sessions)
  • Development Plan
  • Final Review
  • Email / Phone support between Coaching Sessions

High Performance Coaching – Recommendations

‘Jayne has a very open and inclusive style. I found her to deliver exactly the right level of interaction and challenge that really helped me develop in the areas I needed to focus on’. Angela, Business & Commercial Banking/RBS

‘Coaching has been a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I expected to get some tools and advice, but actually its changing how I think about things. I’m surprised by how much more positive I am about things.’ Mark, Financial Services

High Performance Coaching – Case Study

Moving from ‘expert’ to ‘delivering through others’ – a major shift in approach

John was seen as a successful manager in his business, achieving three promotions over 5 years and now working at a Senior Manager level. Results were good, though his manager had observed that he regularly worked very long hours including time at the weekend. John and his wife were expecting their first baby and both were anxious that the level of work that John was doing was impacting on his work/life balance and they didn’t want this to continue as they became parents.
John was open to coaching to help address his work/life balance and expected to get some advice about time management.
As the coaching progressed, we explored what work John stayed late to do / took home at the weekend and John realised that his success was still very much about the work that he did and not about what he achieved through his team – and that this needed to shift. He frequently ‘re-worked’ the tasks that he had set his team to complete, because they hadn’t done things the way he wanted. Through the coaching John considered the impact of this on both himself and his team and developed new ways of working. He also recognised and addressed his own reluctance to give feedback to people which was leading to him re-doing work for them. The coaching helped John to look at the issues he was experiencing from different perspectives, challenged him to consider the impacts of his actions on himself and others and then develop alternative approaches. John’s feedback was that the changes he made were for the most part, relatively simple to implement. Giving feedback can still sometimes be a bit of a difficult and John’s own reflection is that this is at the route of his challenge – so we continue to work on this element.