Coaching Through Change

Supporting Change

When businesses go through major change they are usually very sensitive to the needs of their employees and put lots of activity in  place to help them move positively toward the changes they are introducing.  This undoubtedly makes the change more successful.

But … at the same time, there are two key groups that often get missed out when planning this activity.

So .. who are they?

The Project & Programme Managers who are leading the change and the Senior Leaders who are impacted by the change

Both of these groups may be facing new challenges personally as well as managing the impact on their teams.  A coaching programme can support these people in understanding their own response to the change and support them in preparing for difficult communications and conversations as well as dealing with any potential internal conflict for themselves.

Coaching Programmes are tailored to the business I am working with but typically include:

  •  Establishing the purpose, goals and outcome of the coaching
  • Agreeing the coaching or mentoring format – individual / small group / team
  • An agreed number of coaching sessions or events (usually monthly)
  • Supporting development sessions on key topics & models – Bridges, Kubler-Ross, Situations Leadership, coaching skills
  • Support between sessions – by phone / email

Case Study

I was working in a very large transformation programme which had a complicated roll-out plan.  The first implementation had gone well, but there was room for improvement.  The training had been fairly well received by those in the customer service roles, but their managers had struggled to support their people effectively when the change was implemented.    The second implementation was extremely successful and the only difference between the two was that coaching for managers was included as part of the programme.  This coaching explored how managers were thinking about the change personally, what they were worried about, what they felt their options were, how they could help it to go smoothly for their people.  The coaching encouraged them to take an active part in the implementation and decide how they wanted it to be for their people, rather than rely on the programme to provide this lead.  It led to them recognising the power that they had to influence the outcome of the implementation and to decide to ‘step up’ to make it the best it could be.  The second implementation was an amazing success and there is no doubt in my mind that the coaching is what made the difference.  This model has continued to be used to supplement training in following implementations.



I have worked with Jayne for a number of years but in particular on a huge transformational change programme. This was an intense, pressured and hugely impactful ‘people change’ period, with a great deal of intervention required. Jayne delivered, through a talented team of trainers, an extremely comprehensive and effective training programme, from initial requirements through to design and implementation, for over 3500 people. Jayne is extraordinarily adaptable, flexible and calm in the face of changes to requirements (often very last minute!) and ensures the highest level of service is delivered.  Marcia Hilton, Head of Business & People Change. Direct Line Group



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