Aspiring Leaders

Coaching Intervention for New or Aspiring Leaders

Great for existing or aspiring leaders!
Builds understanding of areas of strength and / or development
Recognises individual talents and motivations
Matches talents and motivation to career and personal aspirations
Increases self awareness and targets development activity to the right places

Programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual – typically including:

  • An initial meeting to understand the purpose and goals
  • A two hour coaching session
  • Incorporation of a psychometric tools (if appropriate) with feedback
  • Creation of a Development Plan to take forward

Aspiring Leaders – Recommendation
‘Through her coaching skills, Jayne has supported me in achieving my goals and ultimately given me the personal confidence to take a new stretching role’ Rosie, Project Manager/Financial Services

Aspiring Leaders – Case Study

We all do best when we play to our strengths!

Richard had been working in his role for about 2 years and knew he wanted to move on, but really wasn’t sure about which way he wanted to go. I was able to help him to explore his options and he came to recognise that as well as elements of his role that he really enjoyed, there were others that he found more difficult. Richard had been thinking about becoming a Team Leader and this programme helped him to see that he had some good skills in working with people and was motivated to help others. We were then able to build a Development Plan that helped Richard to build upon his strengths, gain experience and develop the additional skills, knowledge and experience he needed to be a Team Leader.